Release version 0.2

With this release QuerySets are being introduced. They offer the possibility to chain complex queries, without stressing the database. Object creation is drilled down to a new minimum resulting in faster response times. The objects() method has now replaced all older methods for data retrieval. This method returns a QuerySet instance, that can handle all of the old queries more efficiently.


  • QuerySet class introduced
  • objects() method for model classes
  • filter, get, all and count methods in Model class are obsolete and have been removed
  • Bugfixes:
    • DateField wasn't serialized correctly, when month, day, hour, minute or second where less than 10
    • One to many field did not preserve ordering because, it was implemented as a set
    • orderBy(...) produced a wrong query, when applied to a query set, that already held a filter
  • performance and usability improvements


Androrm is open source and distributed under the MIT License.
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