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This page is intended to kick-start you into the world of ORM and androrm. First of: androrm is for android. So if you are looking for some ORM for plain java, have a look at hibernate and spring. Otherwise, please continue reading.

What is androrm?

Androrm is a ORM (Object Relational Mapper) for android. This means, that it will take care of all the database stuff for you like creating the right tables. It will also write your queries for you! Of course there are already really good solutions for plain Java, that you would run on a server back-end, but these would be just too much for your small phone.

Anyway, even on a phone the number of tables and the complexity of queries can easily become overwhelmingly large. That is where androrm can help you, but beware, this help does not come without a cost. Androrm uses reflection, to analyze your classes and to create the correct tables and queries. This takes some time. So if you need every millisecond of computing time, then androrm will probably not fit your needs. But if you, for example, have an app, that loads data from some server and displays it, these few extra milliseconds probably won't count.

Where to start?

If you want to try androrm yourself, you first have to download it. You can grab the latest official release or browse the download section. Of course it is recommended, that you go with the latest official release, because the documentation is only maintained for that version.

After you have decided for your favorite version of androrm, you should read the installation guide (even though it is really easy).

For a safe start, we recommend visiting the tutorials section first. Follow the steps to write your first androrm powered android app and see how to create models and work with them.

Now, that you know androrm, go ahead and set-up your android project to work with androrm. You can read about how to define your models, that will then be managed by androrm and how to write queries.


androrm on github

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