So, you are new to androrm?

And maybe also to object relational mapping (ORM)? No problem at all. The good thing with androrm is, that it is very easy to install and to use. The following pages will guide you step by step and help you set up your app with the support of androrm.

You ask yourself "why you should I use androrm?" Well, because you can! Androrm spares you the whole set-up for the database. It also keeps you away from writing big queries on your own. All you have to do, is to tell androrm which classes to handle and it will create and maintain the respective database tables. Isn't that great?

Get Started Guide

This guide will give you a short introduction to androrm and what's it all about and tell you what the best steps are, in order to get your next android app androrm powerd.


Adding androrm to your project is as easy as it could possibly be. Have a look at the very short installation instructions, to get yourself going.


Learn how to use androrm, while creating a "real" android application for your book collection. The whole process is split into three separate parts explaining not only how androrm works, but guiding you through the whole development process.

androrm on github

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